King Abdullah Financial District

Located right next to King Fahad Road situated in the area of Al Aqeeq in Riyadh, the King Abdullah Financial district (KAFD) is a thriving development spanning nearly 3million m2. Besides accommodating 12,000 residents KAFD has 62,000 parking spaces. Easy Parking handles consultation, management and operations for KAFD.

Parking infrastructure for residential and commercial purposes was carefully planned according to the space and load as well as device specifications. Our highly trained staff handles daily operations ensuring that the parking policies are respected and the monitoring software is always updated. The meticulous planning and vigilance of our experts paid off


Prince Sultan Military Medical City


The predecessor of the Prince Sultan Military Medical City was inaugurated by King Khalid bin Abdulaziz in 1978 in Riyadh for 385 patients. It grew to become a top medical facility associated with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Due to the large number of patients and visitors coming to Prince Sultan Military Medical City daily, Easy Parking planned careful parking solutions. The official policy is compliant with national laws and adjusted to meet the specific needs of a medical institution. Vehicle movement is controlled by special devices and monitored by advanced software. Operations are run efficiently by our experienced staff.

Al Ahsa Airport IATA: HOF – ICAO: OEAH

Situated in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Al Ahsa Airport IATA: HOF – ICAO: OEAH caters to the air transportation needs of the city of Hafuf or Al Ahsa. Established in 1985, this airport can handle almost 400,000 passengers simultaneously meaning the traffic load is considerable.

This challenge was taken on by Easy Parking and the latest software was installed coupled with efficient devices for a custom solution. Owing to our special training, competent individuals are responsible for carrying out everyday operations smoothly. Since time is of the essence at airport parking areas, our detailed infrastructure plans focused on that.


Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport or Yanbu Airport


Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport or Yanbu Airport is located close to Yanbu and was opened to the public in 2010. Catering to around 900,000 passengers simultaneously, it has complex demands for parking. We believe that half of success lies in smart planning so we surveyed the area and designated various spaces for specific purposes. Precise calculations allowed us to anticipate the load and create feasible plans.

The flawless execution of daily operations related to parking management by our dedicated staff has gathered praise from many people. No matter how busy the airport gets, we manage everything admirably.

Prince Abdul Majeed Bin Abdul Aziz Domestic Airport

Opened in 2011, the Prince Abdul Majeed Bin Abdul Aziz Domestic Airport is situated nearly 25km southeast of Al Ula in Saudi Arabia. Possessing a passenger capacity of 250,000, there are thousands of people coming and leaving the premises every day. To keep a close eye on the movement of vehicles, Easy Parking employs top notch devices and fast software. This removes human error and improves customer services for the airport as well.

We have a team of responsible managers and operators who carry out their duties perfectly. Our experts anticipate potential problems and plan ahead for resolution or prevention.


Al Wajh Airport IATA: EJH – ICAO: OEWJ


The town of Al Wajh in the Tabuk Province of Saudi Arabia is home to Al Wajh Airport IATA: EJH – ICAO: OEWJ which was established in 1984. The single terminal caters to nearly 100,000 passengers simultaneously presenting a number of difficulties regarding parking. After highlighting relevant factors, Easy Parking drafted a complete plan for this airport.

Technically, our ideas are backed by the latest technology in parking management to ensure a sustainable setup. Our reliable managers and operators are hands on respecting the official guidelines. They maintain the devices installed at the premises and maximize the efficiency of the operations.

Al Dawadmi Airport IATA: DWD – ICAO: OERF

Built near Dawadmi in the Riyadh Province of Saudi Arabia, Aldwadmi Airport IATA: DWD – ICAO: OERF or King Salman Domestic Airport was opened for flights in 2003. Boasting a passenger capacity of 900,000 handling parking is no simple task. The managers of Easy Parking rose to the challenge with their brilliant problem solving skills and competency at routine operations. The planning of our professionals included preparation for unexpected circumstances.

We devised a powerful strategy to take care of the huge load at the premises that involves cutting edge technology and reliable human resources. This produced 100% satisfaction for our client.


Al Qaisumah Airport IATA: AQI – ICAO: OEPA


Since this airport serves Al Qaisumah in the vicinity of Hafar Al-Batin in the Eastern Province, Al Qaisumah Airport IATA: AQI – ICAO: OEPA is also called Hafr al Batin Airport in Saudi Arabia. Since 1978, it has been supporting 150,000 passengers at a time making parking a complicated issue. Easy Parking organized a well thought out parking plan complete with devices such as barriers for entry/ exit points and ANPR for vehicle identification.

Our well trained managers and operators ensure that regulations are respected during routine operations. We aim to facilitate the administration along with the visitors at the airport.

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